Dahon Vitesse D7HG Reviewed – My Folding Bike

dahon-vitesse-d7Okay so I’ve been a big fan of folding bicycles for a couple of years now, and they are very big in India and have ridden my fair share of bicycles. Yet, after having a couple of my cheaper models break on my I chose I required a really decent model that would last and that wouldn’t wind up costing me more cash not far off by ceaselessly breaking down.

I purchased the Dahon Vitesse D7HG folding bike and all I can say is WOW! The quality of this bicycle is amazing. Also the astuteness that went into creating this bicycle, I’m extremely pleased. The Dahon Vitesse accompanies gears that can be moved without pedaling which is a great feature. The gears are also sealed in a gear box so they wouldn’t pound down from earth getting on them or rust when you go over puddles and water gets all over your bicycle. The bicycle also accompanies an air pump that is covered up in the seat. This air pump has proves to be useful many times for me! Also the locking mechanism of the Dahon Vitesse bolts firmly with magnets, so I don’t have to stress over the bicycle coming fixed when I don’t want it to.
The main thing that disappointed me after getting the Vitesse is that I didn’t get one earlier. Yes, this folding bicycle is a tad bit more costly than a great deal of other folding bike out there however you get what you pay for. On the off chance that your keen on a bicycle that will last you quite a while and ride like a champ then you must pay somewhat more. There a ton of cheap bicycles out there all things considered its going to cost you more over the long haul because they don’t last, believe me I know. Compared to the Dahon Jetstream P8, I took to the Dahon Vitesse D7HG more easier. it’s a great bike. And on the off chance that you spending plan isn’t that high that you can afford the Vitesse, you might want to look at different models made by Dahon, it’s a great company that makes really amazing folding bicycles.

Bike Includes:

  • Seven-speed urban utility bike–frame folds in under 15 seconds
  • Folds to 11.3 by 31.2 by 25.7 inches; measures 26 pounds
  • Dahon Ergo holds; Dahon Como saddle
  • DuPont L3 lubricated movement cable
  • Adjustable stem adapts to riders of all sizes from under five feet to more than six feet tall.

The Garbage Debate

Garbage-DisposalNo matter how small you think your garbage disposal may be in the world of hot political debate. However, it’s time to address an issue that doesn’t have the flash that global warming has, but that still warrants a topic of debate.

Should we send all compostable foods down our garbage disposal, sending it to our water treatment plants?


“Should we think compost pile first, and dump any food that is biodegradable out in the back yard?

It is said that if you stick with your garbage disposal, than over time, the volume of food waste can become too high over time. The treatment plants may not be able to handle or have the resources to extract the food nutrients coming their way.

The detractors also state that running so many garbage disposals is using up electrical resources, and in turn, actually hurting our environment, more than helping it.

Well what is our second option? The more “American” way of doing things?


Take every little piece of our trash that doesn’t head to recycling or down the disposal. And bring it to a big heaping pile of garbage.





Sooner or later dumping isn’t going to be there and then what? Dig another hole perhaps?

Compost, Compost, Compost

The compost pile… You know that big ole pile of grass cuttings, old vegetables and fruits, garden snippets,, and everything else that will one day decomposed into the earth to create a, beautiful flower?

Anyways, the compost pile is the most cost effective way that we can dispose of our biodegradable trash. Compost piles make us create our own individual piles of garbage, instead of one massive one that is filled with god knows what.

Having our pile in our backyard gives each of us the responsibility and the knowledge to toss anything that we can into it.

The Problem

The problem is a lot of us living in a home that doesn’t have the backyard to do this, we live to close to our neighbors, in an apartment complex, or like the mass majority of our population, we don’t care.

Well, it may not effect you just yet, but sooner rather than later our landfills are going to be full, and the location for another one is going to be a very difficult place to find, with new government regulations popping up along with environmentalists that are sharpening up their picket signs.

Choose compost or a garbage disposal to play your part, those two put together will still maintain convenience for you and while you do it, you will be moving us towards a more “green” way out of life.

Garbage Disposals Play Their Part

Now if you choose to use a garbage disposal from Sink Waste Care, which we highly suggest you do. Than you are choosing to have the convenience of your disposal right there in your sink, where your doing your dirty dishes, cooking up your meals, and disposing of more food waste than anywhere else in your home.

By a flip of a switch, you are grinding all your waste into next to nothing. Sure you may use a few extra units of electricity but it definitely beats the amount of diesel gas emissions our garbage trucks make, and it definitely beats walking out of our warms homes and dumping our waste into a pile outside.

A pile that over time will begin to smell worse than our kitchen sinks might, and well…a compost pile is basically bringing the landfill straight to our back yard, isn’t it?

ZQuite | Snoring Mouthpiece Review

I have tried numerous anti-snoring mouthpieces since my snoring became such an issue a couple years ago. The ZQuiet is absolutely one of the best that I have ever used, after reading snoring mouthpiece reviews. It has a very high comfort level compared to most, and was highly effective. What made it so great to me though, was how reasonably priced it was.


  • Medical Grade Material—Soft, Non—Irritating, and is BPA & Latex free
  • “Living Hinge” Technology gives the mouthpiece flexibility to allow you to move your mouth and speak while wearing it
  • Airflow ports built in the front of keep your mouth slightly open—allowing airflow into your mouth while you sleep
  • Two mouthpieces delivered to me, so that I have an extra when my first wears out
  • No fitting process necessary, Soft material is easily fitted and trimmed
  • Can be easily cleaned with a toothbrush
  • Pay only $9.95 for shipping to test for the first 35 days—after 35 days if you don’t return it you are charged the full amount of $79.95


  • “One Size Fits All” does not fit everyone. It can be trimmed and cut to fit but if its too small you don’t have any options
  • Not recommended to be worn with dentures or weak teeth.
  • Causes jaw soreness—especially if you are not used to wearing a MAD
  • Some online reviews state it doesn’t have a long life-span before it needs to be replaced
  • If you return the device, you are not refunded the shipping charges ($9.95)
  • This Mouthpiece Doesn’t Act As A Mouthpiece

zquite-my-reviewAll of the mouthpieces that I have tried have functioned by stay in a stationary position. Some of them were soft and streamlined, and held my jaw strictly in a forward position. I was not able to talk with one in my mouth.

ZQuiet is extra soft and flexible with “Living Hinge Technology”. This allows you to still have function in your mouth to speak, drink, and of course breath.
This product is made and designed from a thermoplastic elastomer. Giving it incredible versatility when positioned in your mouth, this mouthpiece gives you a completely different experience.

Its made in the USA and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. With two airflow ports, you are given full capabilities that you just don’t get with other devices.

What Do I Think?

When I landed on the site to order the ZQuiet for myself, and was pleasantly surprised that they had a deal running to purchase two at once. They both vary in lower jaw advancements, so if one of them didn’t work, you are able to try the other one that has a lower extension.

I noticed immediately that this mouthpiece didn’t require a fitting process. Almost all other MADs require you to perform the boil and bite technique, where this mouthpiece was ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box. Or at least that is what the site proclaimed—“one size fits all!”.

I found that hard to believe, and you may be thinking the same as well.

When they arrived I was quick to see if they held true to the company’s exclamations. I like to run my mouthpieces under warm water to soften them up after I do the boil and bite. So I did the same with this one, only I did it as soon as I opened it. The mouthpiece felt incredible, which only made me doubt its performance more.

I went to sleep that night in complete comfort. I was able to drink from a glass of water from my tableside and even could speak to my wife before I fell asleep. I had woken up with the mouthpiece still in place in the morning, which was a surprise-especially without a boil and bite custom fit.

I wasn’t the only one feeling great from a good nights rest either, my wife told me she didn’t hear a sound from me that night.

It has been two weeks since I started using the ZQuiet, and although I want to continue my experiments—this is by far one of my favorites. Of course the Good Morning Snore Solution is in my sights, but for now the ZQuiet has been phenomenal.

Should You Buy It?

If you haven’t decided that for yourself by now, I would have to say, YES. This mouthpiece is unlike any I have come across so far, and the benefits it offers it’s users have to put it up with some of the best ever made.

Give it a try, I promise you won’t regret it.

Improving Your Child Reading Habits

imrpovingreadingIf you belong to any child’s reading group then you will be quite surprised to see the variations among children especially when it comes to reading. Some children are very voracious readers, frequently finishing numerous books in a single week. Some of them take book reading, as they are the vermin of very low order. In addition, interestingly some kids read nothing except Diary of Wimpy kid and Geronimo Stilton.
Mothers being mothers undoubtedly want their children to become enthusiastic readers, enjoy reading a huge variety of the books. So as one such mother, who has brought up one such child, let us talk about few myths and offers some tips in this regard:

Myth No 1:

Undoubtedly, reading is a learning. However, according to some children and adults book reading is all about fun rather than learning. They prefer reading because it serves as a source of entertainment, not for reasons that it helps them to become more intelligent.

Myth No 2:

It is considered that reading is only for shy person. Among children, reading is a social activity. Children talk and relates to their books. Therefore, there is no connection between shy person and reading.

Myth No 3:

Books help the kids to learn that how to eat appropriately, behave suitably and insert any desired behavior. Moreover, books just serve as a medium as they cannot substitute parenting.
After the myths, some tips are as follows:

Tip No 1:

Kids become passionate readers in laps of parents. You cannot replace parenting with books. Purchasing ten or more books cannot replace for truly merely your kid. Try to take out some time to be read along them. As a result, they will begin reading.

Tip No 2:

Furthermore, reading may compete with the television. As mentioned earlier, reading is all about entertainment. To children, entertainment serves as experience. Children admire Doraemon or Dora because they are sharing their experiences indirectly. Books offer as an ideal method to share their experiences because books do not force children fruitful imagination.

Tips No 3:

What creates an ideal book is consider an entirely personal choice. It is not compulsory that children should prefer your choice. Let children choose and accept their picks. Some children like variations while some children prefer to complete one series first before starting another.

Tip No 4:

Sometimes, threaten the kids to restrict the reading time especially if they are naughty. This act can strongly increase the interest in reading. Eventually, each child wants more everything that mother supplies out.

Review Of The Little Wanderers Stroller

Little Wanderers StrollerIt is usually even before the birth of our little adorable angels, we intimately poised to take care and fulfill their dreams, needs and wishes.

After the birth of our little angel, we started looking for a stroller or pram which provides combination of the comfort and security. It truly was a tough and challenging job to select the best one from a wide variety of products as well as brands. The major big acquisition we all do is to purchase a stroller. Here I would to say the buying a little wanderer’s stroller was an extremely good investment and decision.

This wanderer stroller helps you to easily carry your baby by simply giving the little angle all sort of independence to carry and remain in a comfortable position.

Explanation of the wanderer’s stroller:

  • Practical and eye-catching.
  • Appropriate for both girls and boys.
  • Sizes 90.4(length)x45.2(Width)x27.8(height) cm
  • Weight of the stroller is 10-15kg.
  • Can carry the weight up to the fifteen kg easily.
  • It follows USA standards, which make the stroller more trustworthy when it comes to protection.

Features of wanderer’s stroller:

  • This stroller has the front rollers with the suspension, which gives comfortable ride for little angel specially strolling on the rough pathways.
  • In order to give an easy and flawless movement wheels can easily revolve 360 deg.
  • Moreover, the lock of front wheels provides additional security. Stroller will not move unless you take out this lock.
  • Stroller has reclining seat which can be modified in various positions in order to keep the baby comfortable. Furthermore, it gives even rest positions for the babies to get adjust and sleep easily. This amazing position of Wanderers stroller is quite reliving for me during the initial days. It assists as a flexible sleeping preparation for my baby. Apart from this, I can easily carry the baby wherever I go.
  • Wanderer stroller low weight allows me to carry the stroller along with me on long and short trips.
  • Single hand fold machinery which makes its control quite easy even I am holding my baby with another hand. Majority of the people really like this feature as it decreases my efforts of related to folding.
  • The harness of the stroller in the wanderers stroller will keeps the baby placed in particular place specially when you are busy or not around the baby. The harness contains a safety fitting fastener which can keep the baby firmly in seat. Moreover, this lock is very secure and babies cannot open this lock.
  • It gives tray which is used for keeping the baby’s toys, spoons, plate and other things. Tray can be removed easily while lifting the baby from his/her stroller.
  • It contains huge storage basket in order to store the necessities of baby.
  • Modifiable foot rest.
  • It contains pocket near the handle to keep the belongings such as keys, mobile etc.
  • The cushioning is comfortable and soft. You can also place the baby’s personal dry sheet and mattress on it in order to give your baby sense of security.

Thinking Of Adoption?

Sarah & Ross Adoption

Sarah & Ross Adoption

Parenting is consider as a blissful journey of upbringing a newly born with affection and love. During the initial years of child development, family plays an important role. Adoption gives a caring home to deprive and orphans children.

During recent time, the opinions about adoption have transformed significantly in India. Usually in Indian, the concept of adoption is considered as important act of fulfilling familial and religious duties. In 1920, the major child’s Act was passed in the Bombay and Madras Precedencies with the aim of giving protection and care to ignored and deprived children.

Due to current changed lifestyles, conceiving has become a major issue. Typically couples want to wait for six years before considering adoption or any other medical treatment. Adopting a kid assist in filling the emptiness in couple’s lives and it also completes families. However, it involves a lengthy process and it involves much form filling.

Adoption methods in India:

As per CARA, the chief nominated power of Govt of the India which aids in adoption of kids in India as per the Adoption Guidelines. For the in county adoption 3988 kids were provided and for the cross country adoption 374 kids for provided from Apr, 2014 to Mar 2015. Apart from the bitter reality that several orphans are still living in Indian, the total amount of adoptable kids is lesser.


Moreover, three rules permit Indian people to adopt kids:

  • The wards and Guardians Act of 1890.
  • The Hindu Maintenance and Adoption Act of 1956.
  • The Juvenile Impartiality Act initiated in 2000, revised in 2006.

Global Adoptions

Non-Indians living outside Indian, Indian citizens and transient Indians can easily adopt the kid from the India according to one of above revealed three major acts, although different procedures are required for every category of the adopting parents. During the entire process of adoption, laws give importance to the Indian citizens living in Indian.

Kids for Adoption

You can adopt a child who is below the six years age limit plus who is abandoned, orphan, surrendered and confirmed officially free for the adoption by the child welfare commission.

Age limits for the Kid:

You can adopt an elder child, a infant or even a baby. It is consider as your own personal choice. Nevertheless, building a strong relationship with baby is quite easy. You might require extra time, in order to build a relationship with elder one.

It is important the single man who is planning to adopt the girl must be 21 years elder than this child. Likewise, a single parent woman who is going to adopt the boy must be 21 years elder than baby boy.

Currently, it is possible that you can adopt the two kids having same gender.

Eligibility Norm for Parents:

  • Eligibility norms for the future adoptive parents are follows:
  • It is important the future adoptive parents must be emotionally, physically and mentally stable. Moreover, they do not have serious medical condition.
  • Future parents must have 2 years of firm marital relationship with each other.
  • Any future adoptive parent, in spite of having biological children or marital status is authorized to adopt the kid.
  • Moreover, single female can adopt kid from any gender. However, single male is authorized to only adopt male kid.
  • The agreement of both partners is important if they are adopting the kid as couple.

Adopting Rightfully

Adopting the child directly from the hospitals and nursing homes is not right. It is important to note that official adoption is always done through the particular adoption agencies which are authorized by the state governments. Moreover, parents have to fill the online registration form. Parents also have to submit the documents in order to qualify for this process.